Pro athletes you never knew went to the same high school

By Jessica Learish

Depending on what stage of life you currently occupy, high school either feels like just yesterday (or today!) or a million years ago. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that our favorite pros — the NBA All-Stars, NFL Pro-Bowlers and the like — even went to high school at all. What’s even more fascinating is which celebrity athletes went to the same high school.

Tim Warner/Getty Images

Sure, it makes sense that two basketball stars like Carmelo Anthony and Rajon Rondo were groomed in the same halls, but did you know that MLB pitcher Jake Arrieta and embattled cycling star Lance Armstrong went to the same public high school north of Dallas?

Keep reading to learn which of your all-time heroes could have hung their jerseys in the same locker or even shared a trigonometry teacher. Did you hear that bell? Class is now in session.