Best NFL quarterbacks of all time, ranked by passer rating

By Joal Ryan

Who's the No. 1 NFL quarterback of all time? There are a lot of ways to answer that question. Here's one way to quantify it: the GOAT is the the all-time career leader in passer rating. But who's that? Read on.

Using passer-rating stats compiled by, we've compiled a countdown of the Top 50 QBs in NFL history. Only passers with a minimum of 1,500 attempts were ranked. Stats are current through the 2020 season. Only career and regular season stats are noted; playoff numbers are not factored into the passer-rating math. 

Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

We can tell you right away who's not No. 1: Eli Manning

The two-time Super Bowl champ passed for 57,023 yards in a legendary, 16-year career spent with the New York Giants. But his career passer rating -- a measure of QB efficiency -- is 84.1. That's good enough to tie for 50th place, but not near good enough to be No. 1.

The complete list follows.