48 amazing true facts about Tom Brady

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Sports fans look at Tom Brady, and see the seven Super Bowl rings, the five Super Bowl MVP honors, the trio of NFL MVP trophies and a professional football career that has endured for parts of three decades. Brady, however, sees something else. He sees the journey. And the quarterback knows the real score. “It’s been a long, hard road,” he once said.

Brady’s story is full of good luck and bad breaks, comeback wins and tough losses, long odds and an almost longer list of accomplishments.   

So, you think you know Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, Jr.? Whether you're his biggest fan, or you love to hate this storied field general, what follows will give you an inside look at how a hardworking Little League baseball star became the face of the NFL.

To pose a football metaphor: Tom Brady's story is filled with the fumbles, sacks, first downs and touchdowns. Keep going to learn some amazing true facts.