45 amazing facts about LeBron James

Meg Oliphant/Getty Images

Who is LeBron James, really? Is he the world’s most famous basketball player? Is he an enthusiastic dad who loves hanging with family? Or is he a leading voice for social justice in the United States? The answer is, of course, all of the above. But even the biggest basketball fans can learn a thing or two from the guy nicknamed “The Chosen One.”

His beginnings were as humble as they get, but with his mom in his corner, he never let his circumstances slow him down. 

Stick around to the very end, and we’ll even fill you in on King James’ secret to success — it’s a lot more universal than you might think. 

What does he love? What could he live without? We’ll take you inside the mind of No. 23. Consider this your all-access pass into the mind of the GOAT.

Let’s tip this thing.